Building An Aquatic Facility?
What Does It Cost? Where Do You Begin?

Q:   You want an Aquatic Center, but where do you begin?

A:    We assume that you have formed a rough idea already. After that, most clients  start with a "Feasibility Study" or a "Needs Assessment" or a "Master Plan". These are related terms that have different connotations and suit different situations, but one of these is usually the first step toward coalescing your idea. It will identify your options, establish your service area or market, determine the size and number of elements, forecast revenues and expenses and capital costs, and provide you with a graphical image that is close to the future reality. The costs for the planning usually range between $5,000 to $30,000 for a formalized effort.

Q:     How much land do you need?

A:    A commercial waterpark will usually need between 10 and 40 acres. Parking can be 1/3 of this. A large indoor institutional pool complex needs 6 to 10 (or more) acres. A Family Aquatic Center can be on as little as 2 to 3 acres plus parking but usually works more easily on 4 to 6 acres plus parking. It is a design bias of our team to incorporate "park-like" landscapes within the pool site, so space helps.

Q:    How much does it cost to build?

A:    Obviously that is a large question. Thumbnails assuming average location: (updated mid-2008)

Q:    How much does design cost?

A:    For basic services (covering all phases in accordance with one of the standard contract forms) the fee for design services will generally fall in the range of 6% to 8% of construction cost, less on larger projects. The actual negotiated fees are usually a lump sum amount and cover various phases of the work from initial planning, to design, to helping you manage the construction process.

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